Master Thesis “Evaluation of Use Cases for Chatbots in CRM”

Chatbots are software that interacts in natural language. They gained alot of attention in recent years,
mainly as virtual assistants and in text messenger platforms. Chatbots already take supportive roles for
enterprises in customer relationship management (CRM), e.g. in customer service. As they improve
and become more popular on different communication channels, they can take over more tasks. The
aim of this research is to provide a better understanding of how chatbots can be used in the area of

The first and major part examines use cases for chatbots in CRM and their value proposition for the
user. A systematic literature review, group discussions with potential users and expert interviews were
performed to determine use cases. From these, a classification was derived. 20 use case classes were
distinguished and discussed. This classification provides an overview over application and value of
chatbots in CRM. It can be used in several ways, like a system of reference or a starting point for
chatbot development.

The second and minor part demonstrates how chatbot technology and CRM systems can be integrated.
Based on the use case classes a working prototype was developed, considering matters of chatbot
design and technology. The prototype connects to a Oracle Siebel CRM system using a REST API to
read user data. It uses that data to provide a more personalized user experience.

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